Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Living Room Art Work

I  just finished cutting out some artwork for the living room.  If you remember, the inspiration picture for the tv stand / dresser, there were two pictures to the right of the television.  I made two similar to that.  I am making a third, a Home Sweet Home framed art.  The three pictures will be to the right of the television in a grouping - in the grouping, love will be above the ampersand, like the picture below, and to the right of it will be the Home Sweet Home art.  I have cut out the HSH art, I just haven't put it together yet.  The three frames will all be painted a chartreuse color. It is hard to tell, but the LOVE is in a metallic gold.  The background of the ampersand is turquoise and the ampersand is chartreuse.  I need to scoot the amp over a touch in the frame too , maybe the Love also.  Love & Enjoy!

The HSH sign will look a lot like this.

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