Monday, July 29, 2013

Paint for dresser is selected.

This weekend I "pulled a thread" on the living room fabric to create a straight line for the curtains, and cut the excess off the top (so I would have a swatch to take with me to the paint store).  I chose Sherwin Williams Cote D'Azur color.  I also took the fabric swatch to TJMaxx and everything that I saw in what I consider true turquoise color, matched the fabric perfectly.  I'm really excited about the color.  I think the dresser is going to be lovely. 

I had a coupon for more fabric too so decided to go ahead and use it before it expired.  I ordered 1 yard of a medallion fabric that is in the chartreuse and turquoise colors - I ordered a yard of it for pillows.  I also ordered 3 yards of a charcoal fabric and an ikat fabric so I can match the color for the bed that we are making out of the coffee table.  I sure hope they are the colors I am expecting them to be.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Making progress

Fabric arrived. It is beautiful and now I have something to match paint colors.

Second coat on dresser top has been applied. You can see it in the first picture below.  I also sanded the top a bit before applying the second coat. I don't believe I'll add any more coats as it doesn't seem to make a difference. I need to apply a polycoat to it though.

I'm almost finished sanding the dresser base.

I just have to sand these five strips on the left third of the dresser and the front left ornate foot.
I'm hopeful we (did I say we, I mean Terr) can get it primed and painted this weekend, weather permitting (please!). I can't wait to see the finished product, especially up against the fabric. I have a paint gun and compressor so hopefully it will go on well.  


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Drawers are all sanded

Yippee - the twelve drawers are all sanded now.


The credit of course goes to the Sanding Supervisor
and special thanks to the drawer guard!

I'm thinking the dresser is going to wait until tomorrow - and I'm thinking I should strip the legs where the ornate detail is - I think I'll have better luck with that than sanding it.

Living Room Fabric is ordered

I found this fabric online - for about six dollars a yard cheaper than a local store - and since I had some extra money (overpayments from family) I decided to go ahead and order it so that I can match the paint color when the dresser is completely sanded.  Of course, they are predicting rain all week - we have had rain almost every day, almost the entire month of July - so we may not get it painted as quickly as I hope.  That's okay, I still have other projects to keep me busy.  So, I hope to paint the TV stand the dark turquoise color in the flower mid left.  So pretty.  Even though, it would look pretty in a limey green too!  Like this inspiration picture.

Over halfway on sanding the TV stand's drawers

I'm over halfway finished with sanding of the drawers.  In the first picture, the top two drawers are sanded and the bottom drawer is not.  Of course Mr. Noodle has to inspect everything and determine whether it's a new place to roost!

Just five more to sand, plus the base of the cabinet of course! I wiped them down with isopropyl alcohol so they look a little milky in color. 
I'm pleased with the progress!

TV stand top - 1st coat of stain

I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of the top all stripped and sanded.  It was so beautiful and had such pretty graining.  There were a few places on the top that I wasn't real pleased with and sanding more didn't seem to have an affect on them.  I stained the top a natural color first and didn't like it - it brought out too much red - so I immediately re-stained it in the kona color.  Enough time has passed for me to be able to put a second coat on it.  My husband recommends that I sand a few places.  I'm thinking of staining in only a few areas.  Overall, it still is really pretty though.  In the second picture, you can see the original stain of the furniture (top left - chest on chest).  The bottom will be painted to match fabric - probably a dark turquoise color.  Though a lime color would be really cool too. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Bedroom Curtains

I found these curtains on Joss & Main's site yesterday.  They will be perfect for the bedroom.  I researched Target and Walmart prices, and the cost to make curtains from fabric and I cannot make two panels as cheaply as I can buy these, so I went ahead and purchased them.  Some of the French Provencal furniture will be used in the bedroom (headboard, footboard, night stand, chest on chest) and will be limed.  I hope to paint one wall a dark magenta (purple) color and the other walls a really light teal color.  The room will have dark and light teal accents, including these panels.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

French Provencal Dresser to TV stand

I purchased this vintage French Provencal bedroom set on Craigslist a while back (not the night stand on the bottom left though - I believe it is from Restoration Hardware - it is my inspiration for liming the headboard, footboard and night stand).  I plan to revamp each piece.

I started stripping the dresser top first.  The dresser will be a TV stand.  Here is the inspiration for the TV stand. 

Originally, I planned to stain the top a dark stain (Kona).  After stripping the top, I think it is too gorgeous to stain a dark color as it is a beautiful light color and has great wood grains.  Now, I plan to stain it a light color to bring out its natural color and beautiful grains in the wood.  I will have to polycoat it though to protect the wood from the television, etc.  The bottom of the piece will be painted in a dark turquoise to match the darker turquoise in this fabric - Covington Savannah.

I'll update more as it progresses.

Square Coffee Table to Twin XL Daybed

I bought this table on CL.  It had a "marble top" and was "5 feet square."  The price was reasonable.  So I drew up a plan to use the "marble top" for my kitchen island - I was going to increase its size and add a bookcase to one end.  I made the mistakes of assuming that the lister was truthful and accurate and of not communicating all the details to my husband so he could ensure it was legitimate.  He picked up the table for me.  The table top was not marble and it was about 42 inches square.  After getting the piece home, the lister, who called and texted me several times a day to ensure I was getting the table (including very early in the morning), no longer took my phone calls or responded to my text. 

The only thing I could figure out to do with the table was to turn it into a padded, square coffee table.  Except I had no use for a square coffee table, especially one that size.  I had the table in my bedroom, turned on its side - not sure why, but I did!  One morning it occurred to me that perhaps I could turn it into a twin daybed.  I took some measurements and I believe it will work beautifully.

This is my inspiration for the daybed.

So, I figured the table would require only two cuts to make the bed.  My sweet husband took his circular saw to the table and this is what I ended up with.
My brother-in-law said he can make me two additional legs for the piece with his fancy woodworking machine - I don't remember the name of the machine.
I have started stripping the pieces as they are painted and glazed.  I'll update more about the progress and the makeover.