Friday, August 16, 2013

Dresser is sanded, fabrics are purchased.

It's been a while since I have updated my progress.  The dresser is completely sanded.  I need to wipe it down before it is painted.  I also have a spot or two that I want to use some wood filler and glue. If we ever get a weekend with no rain, then it will get two coats of primer, and about a week later the turquoise paint.  I understand it is best to let the primer cure before painting the top coat to help prevent chipping, etc.  I also need to poly coat the wooden top. I understand that shellac makes furniture no longer smell funky.  It doesn't smell bad but it wouldn't hurt to hit it with the shellac just in case - maybe just the parts that hold the drawers, the drawer inside and outside (but not fronts - they will be painted) and the back panel.  We'll see if I have time for that or if it is necessary.

I have been working on the coffee table that is being converted to a day bed.  It is very ornate and the openings to get my fingers into are small, so it is taking an inordinate amount of time - my perfection is getting in the way too.  It is starting to look really good.  There are quite a few wood filler places on the ornate portions, otherwise, I would consider keeping it natural as it is quite pretty all stripped down.  Instead, I will choose a paint to match the darker green in the fabric selection below. I ordered and received the fabric for the daybed.  I wanted to use the emerald green colors.  Though this fabric selection touted it used the Pantone color of the year as its inspiration, it definitely is not the same emerald color as Pantone's paint chip.  That was a bit disappointing, but all in all, the fabric is very pretty and I am excited that it has so many fabrics in its collection.  And the best part, the portion that it considers as charcoal is virtually a navy blue, which means that I will be able to use the navy blue linen fabric that I have as the mattress cover.  That will save a lot of money.  The fabric collection is Ikebana by Dear Stella.  I love it.  I chose the fabric on the top left of the first picture - the "charcoal" background ikat, as well as a white background ikat (the first fabric in the second picture), and the chevron print (the second print on the right in the first picture - bottom left in the second picture).  I will make three large throw pillows (22" square) out of them.  I also ordered the labyrinth fabric (2nd picture, 2nd row, 2nd fabric) for the curtains but, long story short, it was out of stock and I will have to order it from another source. I just love this fabric!
I found an old table in my basement - it is one that was in a yard with a "free" sign on it.  We moved some things around and I no longer have a use for it.  It is all wooden and probably about 3x5 feet.  It is in pretty rough shape but some cleaning, sanding and a coat of paint will really make a difference in it.  I want to paint it the same magenta purple as my front door (I have leftover paint) and make it into a craft table.  I am now trying to convince my niece to use the teal and magenta colors in her craft / office room and lavender colors in her bedroom.  She is thinking about it and will let me know soon.
I also purchased a yard of this fabric.  It is one my niece is considering using on the Barco-lounger chairs (reclining club chairs) that I got at Goodwill  - they will be in the living room.  The chartreuse is spot on with the window covering fabric, but the blue is not.  I think it will still be okay though as the majority of the color seen will be the chartreuse. 
I'm going to go eat a little breakfast then back to stripping and sanding for me.  As soon as the Iphone returns home from work, I will post more pictures. 

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