Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Craft Table Primed

Terr sanded and primed the craft table - it was in pretty bad shape but I knew it had the potential to still serve.  The table is a little warped from its base, but the table top is very smooth, as are the legs and the edges.  She won't have any snagged clothing or craft projects from this table.  It will be painted magenta - I will be using the leftover paint from my front door.  The table is probably about 3x5 feet in size.

And here is another view of the tv stand primed.  I added the stained top to the dresser so you can get a full effect (sort of).  Under the top, on the right side of the dresser is the turquoise paint sample sticking out, to give an idea of the color it will be when painted.  We have to let the primer cure for a week, then we can paint them.  Now I need to decide what color to paint the sweet French hardware.  Isn't it gorgeous?

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