Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dresser is 2 coats primed and sanded

We took advantage of a no-rain day today and got the dresser and drawers primed with two coats of primer.  SW tinted the primer for us in half color of what will be the base color.  When sanding the drawers on the table, one of the little drawers fell off and cracked a bit on the veneer.  It is fixable but still a bummer.  I keep referring to this as a 9-drawer dresser - it is 12 drawers.  It is starting to look a lot like...a painted dresser. I found the table in my basement (the one that these drawers are sitting on).  I'm going to go sand it so we can get it primed too.  It will be for my niece's craft room.  I'm painting it magenta - with some leftover paint that I have from my front door.  She is going to use the teal and magenta in her craft room now and not her bedroom.

Terr doing his paint gun magic!

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