Friday, August 30, 2013

House Interior Paint Colors Selected

Trim, Interior Doors, Bathroom Cabinets - Behr Ultra Pure White

Living Room, Hallway, and Garage Room - Behr Chocolate Froth (a light tannish taupe that matches a color in the drapes perfectly) (Room colors - turquoise and chartreuse - see previous post of curtain fabric)

Kitchen - Behr Bonfire for walls (burnt orange), Behr Ultra Pure White for the ceiling, Behr White Truffle for the top cabinets if they are painted, and Behr Wheat Bread for the bottom cabinets if they are painted (tannish taupes on the same color swatch as the Living Room paint) (Room colors - burnt orange and light turquoise)

Laundry Room and Craft Room - Behr Aqua Spray (Room colors: Laundry - light turquoise, Craft Room - teal and magenta - see previous post of purchased teal curtains, and craft table)

Main Bathroom and Master Half Bath - Behr Impressionist Sky (a grayish blue) (Room colors - grayish blue)

Master Bedroom - Behr Twilight Pearl (lavender) (Room colors - lavender, navy and grayish blue)

Daughter's Bedroom - Behr Tropical Sea (aqua) (Room colors - aqua, with gray and white chevron)

Son's Bedroom - Behr Ultra Pure White on one wall and the ceiling, Behr Burnished Caramel on the other three walls, and a stripe paint treatment on the white wall and ceiling, using the two colors mentioned, plus Behr Totally Black and Behr Cherry Red (Room colors - black, white and red).

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