Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Square Coffee Table to Twin XL Daybed

I bought this table on CL.  It had a "marble top" and was "5 feet square."  The price was reasonable.  So I drew up a plan to use the "marble top" for my kitchen island - I was going to increase its size and add a bookcase to one end.  I made the mistakes of assuming that the lister was truthful and accurate and of not communicating all the details to my husband so he could ensure it was legitimate.  He picked up the table for me.  The table top was not marble and it was about 42 inches square.  After getting the piece home, the lister, who called and texted me several times a day to ensure I was getting the table (including very early in the morning), no longer took my phone calls or responded to my text. 

The only thing I could figure out to do with the table was to turn it into a padded, square coffee table.  Except I had no use for a square coffee table, especially one that size.  I had the table in my bedroom, turned on its side - not sure why, but I did!  One morning it occurred to me that perhaps I could turn it into a twin daybed.  I took some measurements and I believe it will work beautifully.

This is my inspiration for the daybed.

So, I figured the table would require only two cuts to make the bed.  My sweet husband took his circular saw to the table and this is what I ended up with.
My brother-in-law said he can make me two additional legs for the piece with his fancy woodworking machine - I don't remember the name of the machine.
I have started stripping the pieces as they are painted and glazed.  I'll update more about the progress and the makeover.

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