Sunday, September 20, 2015

Guest Bath is completed - almost!

We finally installed the new vanity and mirror, purchased from Home Depot.  They waited so patiently in our hallway for too long!  I used Sherwin Williams Icicle on these walls also.  I love this 2" hex porcelain tile that I purchased from Home Depot.  I recently purchased a really pretty, very simple shower curtain for the tub / shower.  I'll update the pictures again soon. We also purchased new faucets for the sink and shower.  The lighting is fairly new.  The bathroom has a drawing of St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans.  It is in a white frame and looks really good in the room.  I plan to get one or two more photos (black and white) of New Orleans icons and frame them in the room, to expand on the New Orleans theme!  I'll update the photos soon too - these were all taken right after painting, prior to staging!

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