Sunday, September 20, 2015

Half Bath is painted

We recently painted our downstairs half bath.  It used to be an orange color (kind of pumpkin in color).  Since we are placing our home on the market, we went with a more neutral color.  This is Sherwin Williams' Icicle color.  I think it is really beautiful. It appears gray in these pictures, but it truly is a very very light blue color.  You can also see the truck painting that my son did for this room (the old wall color was about the same as the orange in the truck).  I love this picture.  I showed him a picture and he recreated it for me.  He is so talented. I had been using this blue vase on this toilet back for a very long time.  I am pleased that it has come back in style.  I hope to get some cotton stems for it. As you can tell, the photos were taken prior to our hardwood floors being refinished, thus the reason for the sink to be dismantled and on the floor.

I bought new lighting and faucets for the room also.  The mirror is one that I found at TJ Maxx years ago. I love this shadow box.  It has keepsakes from my Mother-in-law.  Shoes and socks that her children wore. My husband's hospital identification bracelet from birth.  An actual Milk Duds box that I found in my husband's closet at his parents house - it wasn't being saved, it was just never trashed.  I love it! 

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